The History of Ditchburn of Lytham St Anne’s
1945 How It All Started Jack Hylton, Band Leader.
1946 The Hawtin’s Novelty Company  Producing the first Music Maker Jukebox.
1947 - 1948 Ditchburn Takes Control Hawtin’s sells Music Maker to Geoffrey Norman Ditchburn.
1952 -1954 The Freckleton St, Factory at Lytham Coming soon
1955 The Ditchburn Organisation. The Import, and distribution years plus other adventures  
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Ditchburn in Print Newspaper Cuttings, Photos, and other Documents
1960 Domino Records The Ditchburn Recording Studio and Record Label By Arthur Phillips  
The Alternative History of Ditchburn Don’t always believe what you read in the newspapers
Ditchburn Downloads Area Sales Brochures and other Ditchburn Documents All to Download and print in PDF format.
Where in the World was Ditchburn The Timeline History of the factories and depots of Ditchburn
1948 - 1952 Ditchburn opens an office in Liverpool A sales office for the Ditchburn Company
1954 The Old Laundry, Dock Road at Lytham The new HQ for Ditchburn
1959 The Ditchburn Empire Grows Ditchburn Conference at the Savoy Hotel Blackpool  
1957 Ditchburn Visits America Ditchburn becomes the largest operator of Juke boxes in the world  
1963 The Empire Expands A New Factory for Ditchburn