1963 The Empire Expands
In 1963 the Ditchburn empire had grown too big for its current premises with all divisions literally working out of two small buildings on Dock Road, it was decided that the company needed a larger premises to evolve and grow. land was acquired on the opposite side of the road to the old Laundry Building and a new modern factory was put before the local planning department. The event was highlighted by a visit from the President of the USA Wurlitzer Company, Mr R C Rolfing, who was asked to take part in the tradition of “cutting the sod” an English tradition of digging the first hole on the new land that the factory would be built to signal the start of the construction. Below is Mr R.C. Rolfing and Mr Ditchburn ( 8th and 9th from the left ) with Ditchburn’s senior staff
Photo Ref: DB547 Courtesy of Paul Walker
Aerial photo showing the newly built factory on Dock Road
Photo Ref: DB575 Courtesy of Lytham Past FB page