1957 Ditchburn Visits America Ditchburn becomes the largest operator of Juke boxes in the world  
In 1957 Ditchburn was asked by the Music Operators of America to attend their convention in Chicago USA, they were in awe of the UK Ditchburn operation, the American operators were made up of small businesses, and because of the nature of the business which included gambling machines they usually had the reputation at the time of being part of the mafia, most of the operators in the USA controlled their own area, which usually consisted of 50 to 60 machines then they had heard about this well spoken guy from England that had thousands of Jukeboxes on sites all over the UK, to them he was a big player and the kingpin of the Jukebox world, when in reality Geoffrey Norman Ditchburn was just a shrewd business man that had seized the opportunity at the right time, and built his business on a good reputation, service, honesty and value. He was invited to give a speech to the MOA for which he was quite taken back as he didn’t think he was important enough, but we are so glad he did as for us it is an important documentation of how the company started, and how he operated the business and it comes from the horses mouth so to speak, it highlighted that Hawtin’s did actually build 500 machines, but he tells us that they were all sent overseas to Germany, which makes sense as there were at the time 2 million US troops stationed in Germany between 1946 and 1952, where most US military had left the UK by 1947. Enjoy this Wonderful insight into the Ditchburn Organisation