1959 The Ditchburn Empire Grows Ditchburn Conference at the Savoy Hotel Blackpool  
The Photographs below were kindly sent to us by John Crompton from the Jukebox shop, Lye, in the West Midlands The first shows a display of the range of machines operated by Ditchburn since they started in 1947 all the way until when this photo was taken in 1959.
Photo Ref: DB412 Courtesy of John Crompton (Jukeboxshop.co.uk)
Below is a photo of the Ditchburn Employees, staff, and work colleagues, Sitting centre in the grey Suit is G N Ditchburn with his wife on the right hand side, two of the founders of Tonomat of Germany, Mr Alfred Josef Diefenhardt and Walther Triefenbach are also sitting on the left of Mr Ditchburn ( positions 74 and 75 )
Photo Ref: DB413 Courtesy of John Crompton (Jukeboxshop.co.uk)
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