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Posted 01-09-23 . Welcome to another update, on the Ditchburn Website and Museum, Thanks for all the great comments from people that watched the Ditchburn Museum onthe BBC Antiques Road Trip, the BBC did a grand job in telling the Ditchburn story and it was great to work with the STV production crew, if anybody wants to see the program, you can view it HERE Quite a while has passed since the last website update, most of the recent emails i get, are asking me “when are we are going to open the Ditchburn Jukebox Museum to the public”, firstly my apologies on the delay, the last 2 years have been difficult for me to finish the restorations and get the museum ready for opening, this is because my day job that i need to do (as it funds both the website and the Museum) has had me working outside of the UK, and with very little time to complete the machines restoration and prepare for the museum opening, sadly this has caused me to postpone the original opening dates. But i have now decided to retire from my current day job on around April 2025 , this will then allow me to open the museum and coffee bar to the public. and be fully dedicated to the project. We now have some additional additions to the Museum to display so i am really looking forward to opening. Website Updates for September 2023 This Website update is mostly centred around past auctions for Ditchburn jukeboxes we have always documented and recorded auctions of Ditchburn Jukeboxes that have been auctioned around the world, we try to record prices and serial numbers where we can. this page also includes an auction for a MK2 jukebox that was sold yesterday 31-8-23 Click on this link to Check out the new page here DITCHBURN JUKEBOX AUCTIONS We were recently contacted by Colleen Combs who’s husband collects classic cars,they have recently acquired a 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, when looking at the original History book that came with the car, they found that it was originaly owned by Mr Ditchburn, they contacted us and sent us some fantastic photos and history of this beautiful car click on this link to view the 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Lastly for this months update we have added a photo to the background music section of an original Ditchburn Loudspeaker that was used on background music installations, the photo was kindly sent to us by Lester Quin who collects vintage Hi-Fi and speakers to view the speaker CLICK HERE Our next update coming very soon will see the new Vending Machine section open, and some great photos from two ladies that worked at the Ditchburn Dock Road factory, and dont forget that you can support the Website and Museum by visiting our museum gift shop as most of you know the website and museum is funded mostly by myself, and to raise a few pennies to support this website and the museum we have teamed up with our friends at Skull Print to provide some fantastic Ditchburn Apparel, we have Ditchburn T shirts and Hoodies available in great selection of colours and sizes, every item purchased supports the Website and Museum, to order a T shirt etc just click on the image in the shop and Skull Print will do the rest. Please check out the DITCHBURN MUSEUM SHOP HERE until next time …. thankyou for visiting this website and all the best, Karl Dawson ( The Ditchburn Project ) CLICK HERE to see previous WHATS NEW posts in the WHATS NEW Archive
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