Ditchburn Background Music Systems (BGMs)
Photo Ref: DB507
In addition to Jukeboxes, Ditchburn set up a division to provide background music systems to Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Shops, and other commercial premises. We currently have many different Models that were manufactured at Dock Road in the Ditchburn collection here at the Ditchburn Project. The models that we currently have in our collection are ….
The Symphonette
The Symphonaire 70
Photo Ref: DB508
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The Ditchburn DUET 70
(Waiting for Restoration)
The Duet was a Hybrid Machine that worked in conjunction with premises that also had a Jukebox The Machine provided Background Music from the tape but if someone put a coin in the Jukebox and played a song the background music would pause until the record on the Jukebox had finished playing.
Other models of BMS machines were produced by Ditchburn in the 60s and 70s. Below is a range of other machines that Ditchburn manufactured and also some advertising literature promoting the background music systems.
Below is a YouTube Video showing the Symphonaire 70 in action. Click on the image below to view.
The Symphonette 70 was the smaller brother of the Symphonaire 70 above, it later became the Symphonaire 77, This one was owned by Billy Hilton and was his pride and joy, its a great sounding machine with auto track switching and along with the above two machines it will be on display in the Ditchburn Museum for everyone to see and hear when it opens next year.
The Ditchburn Symphonette 70
The photo below is of an original Ditchburn Loudspeaker that was used on background music installations, the photo was kindly sent to us by Lester Quin who collects vintage Hi-Fi