The Ditchburn Project Museum and Coffee Bar
The opening of the Ditchburn Museum and Coffee Bar has currently been postponed due to the current Covid19 situation, we are working hard to make this happen and will update you on the progress, Please check the “whats new” section for regular updates. Museum update 08-05-22 We are still working hard behind the scenes to open the Museum, it is likely that this now will happen in 2023, this year has been very busy restoring machines and also having to work my day job to fund the project we will make further announcements when we are closer to opening, and we look forward to seeing you all. Museum update 02-01-22 We are still working hard to make the museum happen, but with the current Covid situation we are not sure if we will be open this year, if we are unable to open in 2022 we will strive for opening the following year, we are currently restoring more machines behind the scenes to be on display in the museum as working exhibits. Check out our progress in the photos below.
We have been able to install the new sign outside the building ready for the opening.         We currently have many Ditchburn exhibits that we are currently restoring to be working items on  display inside the museum, here are a selection of some of those items.        We look forward to you all visiting us when it is safe to do so, keep an eye on the whats new section for further museum updates.