Welcome to the Ditchburn Project. This website started in June 2018, We welcome you to the history of Ditchburn Equipment Ltd of Lytham St Anne’s, Lancashire UK. One of the first manufacturers of Jukeboxes in the UK, This website is dedicated to preserving the history of the company and the stories of the people that made it all happen. If you can share any articles, photos, or stories relating to Ditchburn, please contact us via the contact page. This Website is brought to you in conjunction with many contributors, including Coin Machine Historian Mr. Freddy Bailey, Jukebox Authority, Mr Tony Holmes. and Ditchburn’s chief audio engineer Arthur Phillips, We would like to thank them, and all our contributors for their knowledge, assistance, photos, and articles, which is helping to make this website possible.
The History of Ditchburn of Lytham St Anne’s
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The Birth of the British Jukebox