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5. Posted 24-07-18
During   my   research   for   the   Ditchburn   Project   i   have   come   up   against   many   un-answered   questions,   some   have   stemmed   from     tidbits   of   information   people   have   given   me,   sometimes   based   on   distant   memories,   some   are   just   dead   ends   with   no   further information   to   be   currently   found,   as   a   writer   for   a   History   project   I   have   be   careful   that   I   don’t   re-write   history   by   publishing inaccurate   information   or   misleading   information,   so   below   i   have   a   list   of      questions   that   still   need   answers,   but   more importantly   i   need   proof   to   verify   these   answers,   maybe   a   newspaper   cutting   or   photo   etc   or   at   least   verification   from   multiple people that the answer is factual, as time goes on, the list will grow, and i will publish the answers here with the verifications. If   anyone   can   help   with   any   of   the   questions   it   would   be   very   much   appreciated   or   if   anyone   has   a   question   they   would   like   to add to the list please email me … Karl Dawson
1, Where was the original Ditchburn factory in Blackpool 1947-1949 ? Answer: Tony Holmes has sent a document showing the address for Ditchburn Equipment during this time, which  was at the Hawtin’s Factory on Preston New Road Blackpool , so it seems that Ditchburn utilized the Hawtin’s Factory until the they were ready to move to Dock Road in Lytham. and in April 2019 we found an entry in the Preston Area1948 telephone book that confirmed this, not only did they share the same address but also the same telephone number.
2, Where were the original Mk1s shipped to, was it UK or Europe, both Answer: It s seems neither, currently evidence points to the fact that there were only around 25 to 30 Jack Hylton jukeboxes made and some of these were converted to Mk2 machines.
3, What assets did Norman Ditchburn buy from Jack Hylton / Hawtin’s ? Answer: Ditchburn had no connection with Jack Hylton, Hawtin’s had parted company from Jack Hylton and removed his name from the Jukeboxes in early 1947 before Ditchburn bought the rights to manufacture the MK2 Jukebox from Hawtin’s and started the business in the Hawtin’s factory
4, How many original MK1s were bought back from the US air force and turned into MK2 boxes ? Answer: its now looking like 0 ….  It s seems that none of the hype and publicity of the time was true, by the time the Jack Hylton was in production the war was over and  most of the Americans had gone home and only a few US air force bases were open.
5, How many MK2 boxes were turned into MK2R ?
6, How much of the MK2R 30 play mechanism  is from the MK2 16 if any ?
7, Did Norman Ditchburn have any surviving family?
8, How many MK1s MK2s were produced?
9, Were any MK2R manufactured from scratch or were they all conversions? Answer: they were all conversions
10 Who actually designed the original MK1? It looks very similar to the Wurlitzer Victory? But of course, it’s about half the size (Question from Tony Holmes)
11. Where and when was Geoffrey Norman Ditchburn born
12. What was the Hide-away mentioned in newspaper cuttings around 1946 and in the Handbook, was it the fridge with no playing mechanism viewing window, did it have a coin slot ? did it only work with the wall box ?
13. As there is an advert for the wall box, and it says its suitable for MK1 / 2 and MK2R machines, How did this work as there is no known machines that have automatic selection. they all require a button to be pushed or manually selected .. how did the wall box work with these machines and was there also an add on of selection coils to select the buttons remotely ?