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  The Blackpool Museum.                         By Karl Dawson
4. Posted 11-07-18
I   recently   had   an   email   from   Dr   Jim   Gledhill   who   is   a   freelance   curator   at   the   Blackpool   Museum   Project,   I   had   heard of   this   project   previously   and   being   local   to   me   was   of   great   interest,   The   Project   is   looking   for   someone   to   loan   them a   Ditchburn   MK2   Jukebox   to   be   part   of   an   exhibition,   if   anyone   can   help   please   contact   us   and   we   will   pass   your information on to the project.  The Details of the Loan are shown in the message from Dr Gledhill below… I’m   ideally   looking   for   an   earlier   Mk2   (Hylton   will   feature   in   the   exhibition)   I’d   also   be   interested   in   later   Ditchburn models   made   in   Lytham   St Anne’s. As   the   jukebox   would   be   displayed   in   a   permanent   gallery   the   loan   would   have   to be   long-term   (for   a   period   to   be   agreed   with   the   lender).   We’d   arrange   professional   transportation   and   insurance   and the   jukebox   would   be   displayed   in   a   glass   case   observing   professional   museum   standards   of   conservation   and security.   The   jukebox   would   be   displayed   in   a   section   about   the   evolution   of   dance   music   and   would   illustrate   how   the invention   of   the   jukebox   gave   the   public   choice   over   what   they   listened   to.   The   influence   of   the   American   armed forces   on   British   music   tastes   is   another   theme.   Displaying   the   jukebox   in   the   new   museum   would   allow   it   to   be   seen by   around   300,000   visitors   a   year   and   the   museum   would   of   course   acknowledge   the   lender   by   name   (if   they   so wished). Dr Gledhill.       The Blackpool Museum is run by the Blackpool Council and more information can be found on the website   HERE