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1. Posted 09-09-18 via Facebook messenger                                  From  Suzanne Taylor  
I   am   Suzanne   Taylor   and   i   am   just   with   my   91   year   old   mother   who   would   like   to   share   some memories   of   Ditchburn,      Her   name   is   Mary   Mead.   She   worked   for   Ditchburn   from   about   1955   to 1967.   First   as   a   clerk   in   the   general   office,   then   later   in   sales.   Mr   Norman   Lever   was   the   general manager,   and   Mr   Mike   Town   was   the   Sales   Manager.   She   worked   for   both   of   these   gentlemen,   Her friend   Hilary   Rhodes   worked   for   Mr   Bill   Andrews   the   works   manager,   and   another   friend   Val   Whittle (nee Preston) worked in the (vinyl) records department.
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I   was   an   apprentice   at   Ditchburn’s   in   1968   and   worked   alongside   Arthur   Philips,   Peter   O'Dea,   Roy Kerry   and   an   old   guy   called   Bob   who   was   somewhat   deaf.   He   also   had   the   habit   of   falling   asleep   at his   workbench   with   a   live   amplifier   in   front   of   it   which   often   resulted   in   a   sudden   awakening.   Peter O'Dea   and   myself   were   of   a   similar   age   and   renowned   amongst   the   workforce   as   the   factory pranksters. Happy days!
2. Posted 04-10-18 via Facebook messenger                                  From  Roy Livingstone  
My father worked for Ditchburn’s he would have started there early-to-mid 1970s, and worked there well into the 1980s. His name is Dave (David) Braebaum.
3. Posted 02-10-18 via Facebook messenger                                  From  Neil Braebaum
Thank   you   for   the   article   on   Ditchburn’s   of   Dock   Rd   Lytham.   I   had   a   friend   who   worked   there   for   a time,   he   took   me   to   his   work   place,   one   Saturday   I   think   it   was,   and   showed   me   what   he   was   working on.   This   involved   a   continuous   loop   of   recording   tape   on   a   special   tape   player.   The   tape   had   some sort   of   dry   lubricant   on   one   side   so   it   play   continuously   from   one   spool   feeding   out   from   the   centre   of the   spool   and   returning   to   the   outside.   My   friend   was   called   Roy   Potter,   he   spent   most   of   his   working life   at   what   is   now   called   BAe   but   I   know   he   enjoyed   his   time   at   Ditchburn’s   working   on   these   tapes. Do you remember him at all? Roy   did   a   lot   of   work   voluntarily   for   the   cycle   clubs   and   helped   plan   many   of   the   cycle   routes   around the Fylde, received an honour for this work (MBE I think). He died about 5 or 6 years ago. Best wishes,  David Bennett
4. Posted 06-10-18 via Email                                                            From  David Bennett