The Juke-Boxes
7. The Ditchburn Telematic 200
Photo Ref: DB081
Tony   Holmes   wrote   to   me   recently   to   tell   me   a   rather   sad   story   regarding   a   jukebox   that   he   supplied      many   years   ago   to   the   Beatles story   in   Liverpool.   he   says….   About   20   years   ago   I   supplied   this   machine   to   the   Beatles   Story   exhibition   at   the Albert   Dock   Liverpool when   it   was   being   constructed.   I   visited   the   event   about   a   year   later   and   they   were   using   it   in   a   cafe   setting   with   music   playing through   the   speakers.   This   week   I   went   there   again   and   it’s   still   in   the   complex   but   sadly   it   just   stands   against   the   wall   and   it’s   not connected or lit and it’s vandalised and missing the telephone dial” . really   sad,   but   overall   the   machine   is   restore-able,   maybe   someone   should   contact   them   to   either   offer   a   restoration   or   buy   it   to restore, its a shame that a small slice of jukebox history is being left abandoned ( see photo below )    
Photo Ref: DB213 The Beatles Jukebox Courtesy of Tony Holmes
A Ditchburn 200 features in the entertaining YouTube Video from 1959 below (click to play)
Video courtesy and copyright of British Pathe
Unfortunately there is no sound in this clip
Photo Ref: DB284 Courtesy of Christine Sands