The Juke-Boxes
1. The Jack Hylton Mk1 Music Maker
Hawtins Novelty Co. Preston New Road Blackpool UK. Manufactured under supervision of Jack Hylton Music Maker Ltd
Model Number
MK1 Jack Hylton Music Maker 16 selection Simplex Mechanism, Plays one side only.
Years of Manufacture
Quantity Manufactured
78 / 45 rpm
78 rpm
200v - 250v AC 50hz
Amplifier Type
Amplifier made by MTC. Magneta Time Co. of Goblin Works, Leatherhead, Surrey. UK or BTH British Thomson-Houston Co Ltd, Aldwych, London 2x PX4
Mono / Stereo
Size H x W x D
51.5 ” (131cm) x 29.5” (75.1cm) x 22.75” (58.5cm)
Original Hawtin’s MK1 Sales Sheet